Spectra Precision DDS300 Excavator Depth Display System

Spectra Precision DDS300

Spectra Precision DDS300 Depth Display

Wireless, Laser-Referenced
Systems For High Productivity
Excavating and Grading

The Spectra Precision® Laser DDS300 Display
System from Trimble introduces a new level
of productivity for compact equipment
including backhoes, mini-excavators and
smaller excavators.
The DDS300 is ideal for a range of excavation
work on the building construction jobsite,
including the excavation of basements and footers
as well as trenching for sewage and
utility installation.


The system utilizes wireless, laser and angle
sensor technology along with a bright 4 color
in cab display to provide dynamic real-time
positioning information for the bucket at all times.
This dynamic real-time information allows the
operator to excavate, trench, grade or cut profiles
more quickly and accurately than traditional
laser-referenced machine guidance systems.
The wireless connectivity between sensors on the
boom stick and bucket and the in-cab control box
eliminate cables, and makes the system extremely
easy-to-install—significantly reducing installation
time to about an hour.

Used On:

  • Mini Excavators
  • Backhoes
  • Small/Medium Excavators
  • Wheeled or Tracked

The Spectra Precision Laser DDS300 Display System is ideal for
contractors and owner operators with multiple machines needing
flexibility in their excavating solution. The DDS300 depth display
system uses a combination of angle sensors and a laser receiver
to provide depth and slope information to meet your
needs for simple depth information to complex profile
work. Optional sensors are available for excavators
using VA booms and tilt buckets. For more flexibility, the
laser receiver can be removed and used on another
machine for depth display. The system’s wireless
communications means that you can move the system
from machine to machine easily and quickly without
dealing with cables.

Spectra Precision DDS300 Grade Control

The components of the DDS300 System are simple in
design, but create powerful advantages and features
for users. The angle sensors report exact angle
position of the boom, stick and bucket via wireless
radio signals to the powerful control box. The control
box computes the bucket position and displays the
information on the 7” color touch screen display.
Using the laser receiver as reference allows the
user to continue digging without
multiple benchmarks.

Helping you get to grade faster is the heart of the DDS300
system, but the system can increase your profitability and
productivity in more ways than just moving dirt:

  • Fast installation and set up
  • No grade checker needed, since the display shows you exact bucket
  • Longer continual excavating, since you can work in low light
  • Lower fuel costs and less wear of equipment by getting each job
    done faster
  • More accurate readings ina ny position of the arms results in
    less rework due to “overcuts” and “undercuts”
  • Reduced material cost and transport costs
  • Reduced risk of damaging electrical, gas and sewage lines
  • Multiple applications increases machine and operator flexibility
  • A safer working environment; keeps the grade checker away from
    trench and machine swing area

AS300 Angle Sensor:

  • Single-axis sensor
  • 360 degree range
  • Gravity-referenced
  • Wireless communication

LR15 Laser Receiver:

  • Super bright grade display
  • 360-degree laser reception
  • Push button setup for ease of use

CB300 Operator Display:

  • 7″ Color touch screen
  • Easily mounted
  • Intuitive menus
  • Many functions
  • Stores profile templates
  • Audible alarm

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