Topcon P-32 Advanced Screed Control For Asphalt Pavers

Topcon P-32

Topcon P-32 Advanced Screed Control
for Asphalt Pavers

Topcon’s Next Generation of Advanced
Screed Control

Topcon continues its long tradition of innovation with the P-32/P-32+
asphalt paver systems. For decades, the Topcon System Five solution for
paving has been the industry’s premier non-contracting screed control
system. Featuring durable and time-tested components, (sonic Trackers,
cross slope sensors, control boxes and the Trackerjack laser receiver),
Topcon has introduced the successor of System Five with the
introduction of the P-32/P-32+ asphalt paver system.

GC-35 Control Box
The 2D asphalt paver system feature control boxes that are rugged and
waterproof with an IP67 environmental rating. There is no need to worry
about getting caught in a rainstorm, overspray from  a water truck
or putting wet control boxes into a carrying case.

The control boxes have a superior design, a faster processor and better
on-screen options. The design with side-mounted cable connectors –
versus bottom mounted – helps keep cables away from moving parts on the
paver. The increased processor speed and improved on-screen options
make the system run faster and more easily.


GC-35 Paver System Control Box
Topcon has an exciting control box for its 2D asphalt paver system
can be sold on new pavers or as an upgrade to the System Five 9256
Control boxes.


  • 3.5 in. Color Graphic LCD
  • Compatible with Previous Generation System Five Configurations
  • Waterproof and IP67 Rated
  • Ruggedized Cable Design with Strong Strain Relief
  • Operates Two Sides from One Control Box

Topcon P-32 Grade Control

GC-35 Paver System Control Box

  • Waterproof and IP67 rated
  • Backward compatible with System Five Pavers
  • Superior design with side mount connectors
  • Faster processor and easy performance menu access
  • Able to operate both sides from one control box


Control Box
Supply Voltage 10-30 VDC
Supply Current 10.5A Max. Operating Current
Switch Output Power 10A valve output power
5A sensor output power
10A combined output power
Ports USB
CAN (2 ea.)
External Auto Input
Display Panel 240×320 color TFT
Housing Cast aluminum
Weight 2 lbs.
Operating Temperature -40°C To 80°C
Tracker II
Resolution .0025 ft
Supply Voltage 10-32 VDC
Supply Current 200nA Typical operating current
Emissions Applicable regulation:
30-230MHz: 40dB (mV/m)
Max at 10m
230-1000MHz: 47dB (mV/m)
Max at 10m
Immunity Applicable regulation:
RF: 27 to 500MHz 3V/m
Fast transient: ±0.5KV capacitively coupled
Transducer Frequency 50kHz burst / 40Hz max rep rate
Cone size 6 in minimum dimater at 2ft
Display LEDs 1 ea. Bail
11 ea. Riase/Lower/Ongrade
Housing Powder coated cast aluminum
Connector 11 pin bayonet/shell size 18
Weight 2.0 lbs

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